Paul Earthquake Moore

Rev. Paul “Earthquake” Moore formerly served as an Associate Minister at New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Southwest Philadelphia. Rev. Moore is an alumni of John Bartram High School and a former resident of Paschall Homes. Rev. Paul “Earthquake” Moore is also a vocal, active & outreach driven activist in the Southwest Philadelphia Community. He has coordinated community events such as the 24 Hour Food-A-Thon, Annual Celebrity Turkey Run & Giveaway, the Community Claus, MLK Day of Service, Weekend of Peace and several other outreach efforts.

He is the winner of the Wrice-Campbell Award for Neighborhood Safety and in October 2011 was elected as chair of the Southwest Community Development Corporation (SWCDC) which was founded in 1986 to serve the economic needs of residents and to improve their quality of life.  Formerly, Paul “Earthquake” Moore was a junior welterweight professional boxer and has appeared in small movie roles in films such as Philadelphia and Beloved.
Paul “Earthquake” Moore also serves as an energetic radio personality for the Primetime Power Show which premiered in September 2014 and still is going strong. The show features spirituality, empowerment, community awareness, discussion of real, relevant issues & inspiration. The live broadcast is on every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM EST on PRIMETIMEPOWERSHOW.COM. His segment on the show is called What You Need To Know which has featured guest such Pennsylvania Senator Vincent Hughes, W. Wilson Goode, Lynne Abraham, T. Milton Street & more.
Rev. Paul “Earthquake” Moore has a great love for people and community and lives daily to help do whatever he can to be a support and help to others. He is a man that is truly walking in his calling to serve the people as he is affectionately known as the Peoples Champ.