Lord we pray for those who are despondent, especially during this time of the season. We pray Lord that you would lift lonely hearts and touch the out stretched hands in need of care, love and support. We pray Lord that you would strengthen, encourage and love the souls in this world that feel helpless, lonely and isolated. We pray Lord that you would let your light shine among these that are in special need. Let them know that they are not forgotten, they are important, they are needed and wanted. Open the doors of peace, love and tranquility in their lives like only You can.


Lord I pray that my family and I will be filled with the knowledge of your will. I pray that we will walk in a manner worthy of you Lord, bearing fruit in every good work. I pray for our increase in the knowledge of you. I pray that we will be strengthened and sustained with the power of God. I pray that we will all give thanks for having already qualified as saints of God.


Father I thank you for blessing me with spiritual blessings in the heavenly places. I thank you for forgiveness and the divine privileges that you have given to me. I thank you Father for choosing me even before the foundation of the world was set that I may be holy and without blame before you in love. According to the riches of your grace, I thank you for the forgiveness of my sins. I praise you Lord because in you I have obtained an inheritance far beyond the riches of any man. I praise you Lord because according to your purpose I have been predestined in your eternal and holy plan. Father because I trust in you, because I believe in you, I give you glory and honor for sealing me with your Holy Spirit of promise. I thank you for the authority now given to me that I may stand uprightly in you. I thank you for sitting in the heavenly places, that I may share in the present works of your kingdom’s power. I praise you, for I have been created in Christ Jesus for your good works. I praise you for the blood of Christ bringing me nigh unto you that I may be a place for you Lord to dwell in through your Holy Spirit. I thank you for boldness and confidence through faith in you Lord. I thank you for the new woman created in me by Christ Jesus. I thank you for the renewing of my mind. I thank you for your God given wisdom and knowledge on the inside of me. I praise you Lord, for I am made perfect in you.

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Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand
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